Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Truth About The Toothfairy

I decided to take some of the advice from readers on my last blog regarding the pulling of Ryan's tooth. Thanks Laura, it worked like a charm!

Although Kate reported in her blog that I YANKED the tooth out, the truth is that I merely tugged on it and it came out. He cried a minute and after he drank a little water to rinse his mouth, everything was great! He couldn't wait to get to bed so the toothfairy could visit him again!

Since the toothfairy was working her second job this particular night, I agreed to help her out with her visit.

Several hours after Ryan fell asleep, I crawled in the bed myself and had just gotten settled in under the covers, when all of a sudden I sat straight up! I realized that I hadn't done the tooth fairy thing yet!

So I tip toed into Ryan's room to be met by a gazillon pillows and stuffed animals in the bed with him.

It was dark and I had no idea which pillow he put his tooth under.


I felt around a little, but was afraid he would wake up with all the poking and proding and pulling of the pillows, so I had to think of a better way.

Hmmmm...a flashlight would be good if I knew where one was. Minor will know!

I tip toed back into my bedroom and walked around to the other side of the bed where Minor was sleeping.

(whispering) "Minor...Minor..."

"WHAT????????? You just scared the shit out of me! What???", he yelled.
"I'm sorry...I need a flashlight. I can't find which pillow Ryan put his tooth under . Do you know where a flashlight is?", I asked.
"Yes, look right there on top of the dresser and try not to scare HIM like you did me."

OK. So I went back to Ryan's room and I've got the flashlight and I'm peeping under pillows and stuffed animals for a tooth wrapped in a kleenex, when all of a sudden, he opens his eyes and says,

"What are you doing, Nanny?"

Trying to gain my composure, "I'm just making sure the toothfairy can find your tooth. Where is it?", I asked.
"It's right here.", he said, while pulling it out from under a pillow.
"Yes, I think she can find it there. You go back to sleep, OK?", I said.

And then I made the switcheroo! None the wiser!

So now I could snuggle back under my covers and get some sleep.

Five minutes passed.

"NANNY, THE TOOTHFAIRY ALREADY CAME, AND SHE LEFT ME A DOLLAR!" he exclaimed while standing at my bedroom door.

It was 2 AM. He was way too excited to sleep after that and he had to tell me all the things that he wanted to buy with his dollar. We didn't get back to sleep until somewhere around 5 AM.

I'm too old to fill in for the toothfairy.

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