Monday, January 28, 2008

My Sweet Potato Gal Friend

I met one of my favorite MS buds today! Deb-or-ah and her grandson, Adam! (Thanks, Savannah, for letting Adam come with his Nanny! He is adorable!)

Kate, Ryan, and I met Deb and Adam for lunch at Spanky's and as you can imagine, we all couldn't stop talking. Even the kids were yaking! Deb is exactly what I imagined her to be, only better! She is a true Sweet Potato Gal and I love her to pieces! I feel like we have always been friends.

Adam and Ryan played constantly and barely had time to eat. We sat next to a huge fish tank with really cool fish that kept the boys intriqued while the three of us talked and laughed. We enjoyed a wonderful meal of shrimp and scallops while the boys ate their hot dog. Thank goodness for hot dogs and ketchup!

After a couple of hours, we made our way to our cars, although we hated to leave. After getting Adam all buckled in to watch his Blues Clues DVD, we all exchanged a couple of "love" gifts. Deb gave Kate and me a box of delicious German chocolates and 2 bottles of German wine! Ryan got a puzzle and some kinder eggs! He loves them! I sampled the chocolate on the way home and it is yummy! The wine is chilling as we speak!

Deb and I are making plans to see each other again this summer for a week end, here on the island.

I can't wait.

Oh yes, one more tid bit of happening while we were getting into our car. Now ya'll, it is Sunday, OK? Do alcoholics ever give it a rest? This vagrant looking drunk guy is standing two cars over from us yelling and swearing all kinds of profanity into his cell phone.

As Kate and I turn to see where the commotion is coming from and what was going on, I was so stunned, that I didn't realize that I had the car keys and the doors were locked and we couldn't get in. Kate is yelling at me and Ryan to hurry and get in, get in, get in because the foul mouth drunk is heading towards us. Whew! I'm not accustomed to going out with Kate. She draws all sorts of excitement.

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