Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can I Get That Bottled?

I just finished reading, "You Belong To Me", by Ann Rule.

It is the story of a poster-perfect "all-American" Florida Highway State Trooper who hid bizarre and fatal fantasies behind his badge. The crime took place back in 1990 on a Florida stretch of I-95, outside of Jacksonville.

So anyway, while I was reading this book, I periodically stopped and gave Kate updates of what was happening in the lives of these people I was reading about. It went something like this...

"Kate, you won't believe this guy! He is the biggest womanizer. He pulls women over on the Interstate and takes their license, so that they have to come to the station to see him to get their license back. What a jerk! He is really good looking and although he is married, he has affairs all the time. He is only after favors from women who don't have the money to pay their tickets. He even brought one of his girlfriends to his and his wife's bed while his wife was in the hospital having their baby! He is such a big ...

I paused here, and didn't finish my sentence yet. Although, Ryan, who was at the table coloring and obvious listening to me give Kate this update, popped up and finished my sentence for me.

"a big old meany?"

I said, "Yep, that's what he is! A big ole meany!

Tee Hee! I love that innocence. Can I get that bottled?

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