Thursday, January 31, 2008

Freeze Gopher!

As most of you know, I recently wrote a blog about an exciting visitor in our home that we affectionately refer to as Rocky. Rocky had made his way not only into the walls and attic of our comfortable abode, and eventually found an entrance inside the house. After thoroughly scaring the shit out of me and Kate, we impressed upon our leader (my very capable husband and Kate's father) to GET HIM OUT OF HERE!

I thought you all should know, we have now declared war on Rocky the Squirrel. Or he has declared war on us.

Whatever the case, it has become an obsession with my husband, Minor.

One week ago:
Minor walked out to the mailbox to get the mail and happened to look up and notice Rocky peeping his head out of a spot under the roof ledge. But when walking closer for a better look, Rocky pulled his head back in. Of course, since Minor is the wiser of the two, he goes and sits in his truck and waits for Rocky to exit the building, making sure to remain perfectly still inside his truck. Ah ha! Rocky jumps down and trips across the yard happily looking for nuts and Minor jumps out of his truck and covers the hole with wood. Minor comes inside and gleefully exclaims that he outsmarted cute little old Rocky!

4 days ago:
Rocky is still making sounds in the attic. After another inspection, Minor finds a vent on the roof that has been covered with a wire sheathing has now been torn away to make an entrance, just the right size for Rocky to slip in through. So he replaces the sheathing and proudly announces to the family that Rocky can't get in now!

Two days ago:
More sounds from the attic. How can this be? Armed with a ladder and a broom, Minor again climbs on the roof and makes another inspection. Sure enough, Rocky has made another entrance way into the attic via the gutter pipe hole to the roof. He is now making a little home for himself and his family. I think he has moved in. Minor reconnects the gutter and is quite happy with his assessment of the situation. No way is he coming in now!

He's back. Minor has not given up, although he may be losing his mind in the process. He is now mumbling to himself and I think I overheard something about purchasing a gun or maybe dynamite.

Anyway, you just gotta watch this short video clip. It's what's going on at my house.

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