Friday, October 10, 2008

How To Save A Life

We had a yard sale on Saturday and as always, it turned out quite interesting.

A couple was riding by on their bikes and stopped when something caught their eye. They ended up purchasing a few items and because they were on their bikes, they asked if we could hold the items until they came back later with their van. Sure, no problem.

So we put the items up on the porch and when the yard sale ended at noon, the items had not been picked up yet. Still, no problem, since they had already paid for the items, we knew they would return for them soon.

Several hours later, I was in the kitchen, and Luke hollers out, "WTH are those people doing out there in the front yard?"

Just as I looked, Luke was darting out the front door after this little woman. It seems she and the hubby had come back after their purchases and had stopped their van in the road in front of our house while the wife jumped out to retrieve the items off of our porch. She was running full speed when she grabbed the items and ran back to jump in their van . . . like lickety split!

Luke was just before tackling her to the ground when I saved her life by yelling, "No, wait, she's just coming back for the items she purchased earlier. Please don't kill her!"

Man 'o man, did I save her neck!! Luke is a big guy and he could have done damage to that poor little woman.

It seems the reason the woman was running was because there was a car on the road right behind them when they stopped their car and the woman was hurrying so as not to inconvenience the driver by making them wait too long.

I would have felt really bad if Luke had body tackled the little woman who was every bit of 90 pounds soaking wet with his 300 pound body slam.

She would have died, right here in our front yard.

With that said, we are all feeling much safer with Luke's presence around the house these days.

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