Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'd Do It Again In A Heartbeat!

We had our biggest Arts and Crafts Festival of the year here on St. Simons Island this past weekend and it was FABULOUS! The economy is in a down swing, but we were surely not seeing it at the Santa table. It was absolutely wonderful to see each Santa go to a new home or to a new friend or family. I felt like I had put a little tiny piece of St. Simons Island in each and every bag.

We set up the booth on Friday afternoon and evening for us to open at 10 AM on Saturday. Afterwards, Luke cooked us all a big pot of Jambalaya for supper while we discussed the schedule for the next day and tried to relax a little.

We had a 'pregnant belly' shoot at 8:30 AM scheduled for Saturday morning with the Mom and Dad to be. It went great and I even got a sneak peek at the photos afterwards! The finished photos are going to be beautiful. Check out our website soon at http://www.lonepine-photography.com/ for new pictures.

After the photo shoot, Luke and I headed over to the Festival to finish setting up the booth for opening at 10 AM. The weather was chilly but not too terribly cold, so I wore my Christmas sweater and enjoyed wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Although the plan was for Minor to bag the Santa's and count the number sold while Luke and I did all the selling, it never quite worked out that way. We had so much fun selling and bagging, we all just did whatever came next. Luke and I enjoy the selling, so Minor didn't mind at all making coffee and food pickups throughout the day.

One of the other vendors that we have met through these Festivals is a lady that we know as Miss Millie. Miss Millie makes jewelry and travels here from Florida each time St. Simons holds an event such as this. She travels to other Festivals as well, but she makes it a point to be here. We have grown to love her and watch out for her when she is in town. Meeting people from all over everywhere is always exciting and this weekend was no different. We met people from Australia and others from Canada, as well as other states.

Luke had to leave early on Saturday to get ready for a Christmas Party on Saturday night. No problem, since Minor was there to help take up the slack. I turned the tables on Luke on Sunday, when I had to leave early to sing in The Messiah at 4 PM.

The Festival ended at 5 PM as did the performance of The Messiah, so the three of us met back at the house and decided to celebrate our FANTASTIC weekend by eating a big juicy steak at Outback. And of course, I couldn't leave out the fact that it was happy hour! I LOVE Outback!

We all worked sooooo hard to make this weekend a success and it truly was. Even if we never sold a thing, it was so much fun, we would do it again in a heartbeat!

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