Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas At The Beach

I wrote this little diddy last year at Christmas time and thought I'd share it with all of you.

Christmas At The Beach

by Carla Pryor

Twas the night before Christmas,

And yes, it is so,
I was still awake,
And waiting for Snow.

I wished and I wished,
For the white stuff to come.
To build a big snowman,
I'd have to have some.

The pictures I've seen,
And the stories I've read,
Have only convinced me,
It's not in my head.

If Santa can bring
The gifts for us all,
Then why can't he send us
Some snow in a ball?

I've seen in the malls,
They are filled with fake snow.
That's not the same thing,
And I hope that they know.

I want the real thing.
Of this I am sure.
It's got to be real,
So cold and so pure.

So while I am waiting
For snow to come down,
I'll head to the beach
In my cap and my gown.

I'll bring a few candles
And a bottle of wine.
A shovel, a rake,
And a little design.

A sunhat, some seaweed,
And plenty of shells.
Some driftwood and starfish,
Don't need any bells.

I'll sculpt and I'll mold,
The sand and the sea.
Until I at last
Have a Sand Fa-mi-ly.

And if Santa should fly
In the sky on this night,
I want him to know
That it will be all right.

If he doesn't bring snow,
It will be OKay.
The beach is much nicer,
Than a cold winter day.

So maybe next year,
When he drops by for a bite,
He'll bring me some snow,
With a Merry Christmas and a good night!

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