Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry failed.

It's the last few days before Christmas and all kids everywhere are trying their best to be good..........or so it would seem, anyway. Not so much for one little second grader whose Mom was the recipient of a note home from his teacher the other day. “Your son, Will, has been badgering another child in the classroom, repeatedly. Please give me a call at XXX-XXXX to discuss this very important matter.” Of course, the Mom was completely taken by surprise and could not imagine what her little 7 year old could possibly be doing to another child in the class, so she did what any of the rest of us parents would have done...... “WILL! WHAT DID YOU DO? AND YOU BETTER TELL ME THE TRUTH!” And we can all guess what Will's answer was...... “nothing.... really, Mom. I'm telling you the truth.”

So the poor, unknowing Mom called the teacher.......... The Mom listened on the phone and remained totally silent while the teacher talked......her eyes bulged at one point......her mouth gaped open......she gasped......she remained in a blank stare.....then.....she spoke quietly.....only to say, “Thank you. I will take care of it.”.

Somebody. Is. In. Big. Trouble. It seems the class had a spelling test and after the papers were graded, the teacher handed them back out to the students to put in their folders. Little Will looked over at another kid's paper and saw lots of red X's on the paper. Little Will to the other kid: “You failed.....” All day long to the other kid..... “you failed......”

I'm trying not to laugh, people.....but.....ahem. As if it's not hard enough being a kid today......for one of your own kind to turn on you has got to be the pits. The ironic thing is that LITTLE WILL FAILED TOO! Little Will made a worse grade than the other kid! 

It's tough being a kid........especially at Christmas. And it's even tougher being a parent.

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