Friday, February 1, 2008

A Green Day

When I picked Ryan up from school today, he jumped into the car and exclaimed, "I stayed in the green today!"

Before I go any further here, you should probably know that Ryan has a very hard time staying in the green in his first grade classroom. Everyday is a challenge for him...or his teacher, not sure which.

Anyway, he was all excited telling me about his very good day. "I also had PE and went to a meeting there."

"A meeting? What kind of meeting?", I quizzed him.

"They called my name and I had to stand up so they could give me a certificate and a button and a bumper sticker!", he exclaimed.

"Well, Ryan! That's great! But are you sure? What kind of certificate?", I asked, with a little disbelief.

Don't get me wrong...he is a great kid... the best kid in the world, to me...but everyday is a challenge for his teacher. We have the notes home to prove it!

"It's for being a Terrific kid!", he exclaimed, proudly.

"Oh, OK. Did everyone get one too?", I asked, knowing that most likely all the kids got the same certificate.

"No, Nanny. EVERYONE can't be a terrific kid.", he answered.

"Yah, you're right about that!", I said.

Turns out, they give this certificate to all the kids and this just happened to be Ryan's day. That's OK. He was proud. And he actually did stay in the green today.

Yay, Ryan!

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