Monday, February 4, 2008

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

I had a slight headache, so I told Ryan I was going to rest on the couch a minute until it went away. His response was, "Let me get my Doctor kit."

I knew I was in for it, although I decided to just play along. You know, it's much easier to go with the flow than buck the system.

So I'm laying on the couch with my head on a pillow while Ryan is adjusting his official doctor name tag.

He then hooks his beeper on his belt and pulls out the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.

"Your heart is still beating." he said.

"But you're hot, so you have a bad fever."

He then proceeds to shove the spit cup under my face.

I oblige by pretending to throw up.

"Nanny, we're just playing." he reminded me.

"Oh yah...sorry." I said.

"So, am I doing?" I questioned him.

"I need to give you a note for you to give to your family." he said. "Don't open it. It's for your family to read."

Still continuing with the game, "Well OK. I have a daughter that lives down the hall there, the first bedroom on the right. Can you deliver it to her?" I asked.

"Yes." he answers, as he grabs the note and runs to Kate's room.

Returning, he pulls out his phone and begins keying in a phone number. "I'm calling in another Doctor because I'm fixing to go play with my trains."

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news, I got a bad case of lovin you!

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  1. It's fun to find your blogs here! For some reason I like the way things read in this format.

    I've just put you in my faves :-)