Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't Make Me Beg

We went Valentine shopping this afternoon.

I had quite a bit on my list that I needed to take care of. Cards, candy, stuffed animals, and cutsey Valentiney stuff.

Ryan shopped with Minor and they headed for the grocery section while I pondered over the Valentines. Five minutes later and they are on my heels.

Ryan was adament that he wanted to buy his Mama and me a Valentine present. So we picked out something he really liked for Kate and just the right packaging to make it look all Valentiney.

Next he wanted to buy something for me. Hmmmm. So Minor and Ryan followed me to another section of the store and I picked out a few different things that I liked. Then Ryan could decide which one he wanted and Minor could help him with it while I continued my shopping.

A few minutes later, the two of them are still with me and obviously haven't made any attempt at making a Valentine purchase for me.
Ryan is nagging Minor about it and so Minor asks me, "Which one of those items you showed us, do you really want?"

Me: "Well... ya know... why don't you just wait and get Kate to run into Hallmark later and pick up a little something for him to give me?"

Ryan: "NO! NO! I want to get something for you now!"

Me: "Minor, just let him pick anything. Really, anything is fine."

So off they strolled to buy a gift for Nanny. They purchased it, took it to the car, and came back in the store to meet up with me.

Ryan: "Nanny, I got you a present! But I can't tell you what it is, because that's against the rules."

Me: "OK."

Now I had shopped about as much as I could possibly stand, and was Valentined out, so I made my purchases and we all went to the car.

Ryan: "Don't look in the car, Nanny, because your present is in there and you can't see it because that's against the rules."

Me: "OK."

Well, you know me. On our ride home, I decided to tease Ryan a little.

Me: " what did you get me for Valentine's Day?"

Ryan: " know I can't tell you THAT! It's a secret and it's against the rules for you to know."

Me: "Oh, please tell me. I want to know so bad!"

Ryan: "No. I told you it's a secret. I can't tell you."

Me: "Well, I'll tell you what. If you tell ME what you got for ME, I'll tell YOU what I got for YOU!"

And with no hesitation whatsoever,

Ryan: "OK. I got you a ....

Me: "WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! NO! I'm just kidding. I thought I was going to have to beg more."

Ryan: "But I want to tell YOU, so you can tell ME."


Trip to Walmart - $73.62
Teasing Ryan - Priceless

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