Monday, January 25, 2010

It's SO Freaking Complicated!

I love going to the movies…..the popcorn is the best ever…the diet coke with crushed ice is oh so good…and topping it off with a Kit Kat bar is all anyone could ask for.

It’s so much fun to get there early and choose any seat in the whole theatre. I especially like to sit on an aisle seat because I always need to go the bathroom and absolutely hate having to step over people trying to get to the aisle. I could easily end up in some strange guy’s lap like that, so I don’t take chances on it. That has actually happened to me and I didn’t particularly like the smile on the guy’s face.

In fact, thinking back on it, he may have tripped me on purpose. Ahem……well, that’s another blog.

So Minor and I decided on dinner and a movie for our anniversary. I had heard “It’s Complicated” was still playing in town, so I checked the movie schedules and we could make the 4:45 pm show and go to dinner afterwards.

We arrived at the theatre a little later than usual and it was also a bit crowded, so Minor asked why didn’t I just go ahead and find us seats and he would stand in the long line for popcorn and diet cokes. Suited me just fine so he went with me to see where I would be sitting and proceeded on to the snack bar.

I chose an aisle seat about midway down and there were many more seats along side me so there would be no problem saving a seat for Minor. As I sat back in the heavily cushioned theatre seat, I watched the upcoming movie trailers and advertisements as well as the reminder to turn my cell phone off…….which I did.

Looking around, I noticed the theatre was beginning to fill up quickly and the row I was on began to fill up as well. I decided to place my purse in the seat next to me just to make sure that it would be obvious that I was saving that seat. I knew the snack bar line was long, and I was wishing Minor would hurry up.

Just as the theatre lights began to dim and the movie began, a woman nudged my aisle-side arm and began to worm her way in front of me………to sit in the seat I was saving for Minor!

Couldn’t she see I was saving that seat with my pocketbook? Alright……it was black……and it was dark in there……but give me a break, lady…..of all the empty seats in this theatre, why do you want to sit in the seat next to ME? WTH, lady?

Just then, I looked up to see Minor standing there with his arms full of popcorn and cokes, waiting to see if he had a place to sit.

I looked at the lady and as politely as I could say it, I whispered, “This is my husband’s seat and he is standing right here.” I was instantly reminded of the baby bear telling Mama and Papa Bear that someone was in his bed and she’s RIGHT HERE!

“Oh, I’m sorry.”, the lady whispered back to me ……….and then she proceeded to sit in the next seat over. Still a weird choice, as far as I was concerned. Why would anyone sit right up on a complete stranger in a theatre when there are plenty of empty seats everywhere? I don’t get it…..but there are lots of things I don’t get anymore.

Anyway, you may not know this, but Minor is a fairly big guy and he likes his arm room……..and it appeared this lady liked her arm room as well. SHE got the arm rest and Minor had to lean in on my side the entire movie. And to top it off, we are sitting there watching the movie and all of a sudden I hear someone’s cell phone ringing. I turned to Minor and whispered, “WTH?” He whispered back, “I think it’s on the movie.” “No it’s not”,as I nodded my head toward the lady digging in her purse for her phone.

I thought everyone on the planet knew that you had to turn your cell phone off in the theatre! I guess I should be thankful she didn’t have to get up for a bathroom break during the movie and end up in Minor’s lap.

As we left the theatre, Minor turned to me and said, “Next time, I’ll pick the seats.”


  1. Oh that sucks!!! Too bad there weren't better seats to move to. I HATE people like that!

  2. Now i want movie theater popcorn and an icee...

    I am very particular about where I sit in the theater. It has to be about halfway up, and EXACTLY in the middle of the screen. I have to get there early to get that seat. I can't believe the audacity of that woman. I hate when strangers don't give me space. stop encoraching on me stranger!

    how was the movie?

  3. Imagine my surprise that after a ten year absence from theaters, not only did half the audience not turn off thier cell - thay spent most of the movie texting. Looked like a giant firefly convention.

  4. Carla! You and I are on the same wave length!! The PB's a big guy too and those seats just about kill him :-)

    Loved it!

  5. Hi Carla - dropping by from Maven's blog.

    Sorry you weren't able to turn off the freak magnet - no idea where some of these people come from and why do they have to end up next to us??

    Looking forward to getting to know you more - aside from your awesome comments on Maven's blog. PS when I grow up I want to be a wedding planner - need an assistant??

  6. dozenroses13....
    I just don't get it! Why THAT seat? Too funny!

    I really like an aisle seat and I hate for someone to be in my "space". It's just too strange to me for someone to want to sit right next to me in a theatre full of empty seats.

    Don't you just hate it when you contiously follow the rules and NO one else does?

    Our lives parallel each other like crazy! We stay on the same wave length!

    I usually blame the freak magnet on Minor. Do you think it could be me? LOL!