Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shake Shake Shake Your PEA-nut

Is it STILL January?  How long can one cold month last? 

Hurry Spring......I need you sooo!

Talking on the phone to Kate recently, she was telling me about Ryan having been sick during the night.  He was a sick little puppy.......break out the hand sanitizer! 

Ryan had complained of a tummy ache that day but was not running a temperature.  Didn't take too long during the night before he was violently ill and not feeling well at all.  No school for this little guy!

Kate propped him up on the couch with pillows and turned the TV on cartoons.  Funny thing about kids...if they are feeling better, you will know it pretty quickly.

After several hours passed, Ryan jumped up and sang, "Shake shake shake your PEA-nut".

Kate hugged him and said, "I wish I was as cute as you are."

"You CAN be! All you have to do is wish on a star!", he answered with all the confidence in the world.

Oh, how I miss that little boy!


  1. Awwww... too cute! I know you miss him. I don't see one of my grandsons as often now since they are currently car-less and used to come over a couple of times a week. But it's only a 10 minute drive so I still get to see him weekly - just not almost daily!

  2. Could he be any more precious? Sheesh!

  3. We miss so much Carla. Sometimes it just hurts to think about it. Hugs.