Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exasperating Kids Is His Specialty

Luke had business in St. Mary's and Kingsland today so he stopped by here this afternoon to eat supper tonight and pick up his laundry. I fixed his favorite, Green Bean Shit, and made enough so he could take home leftovers.

After supper, we were all relaxing in the living room watching a little TV while Ryan played on his Nintendo DS. Luke noticed Ryan had several coloring books on the couch and since Luke's primary focus is to exasperate kids, he decided to jump right in on Ryan.

Mr. Luke wrote his own name on the coloring book inside cover page and told Ryan that the coloring book was his because his name was on it. He also made sure Ryan knew that since the coloring book had his name on it, that that meant he had colored all those pages inside.

Ryan immediately scratched out Mr. Luke's name and wrote his own name many times to prove the coloring book belonged to him. He told Mr. Luke that was wrong to take credit for someone else's coloring pages.

Luke told Ryan he was going to scratch Ryan's name out as soon as Ryan went to the bathroom. Ryan told Mr. Luke that he didn't have to use the bathroom while he was here.

Back and forth, back and forth . . . Until Ryan had to get in the bathtub. Luke took that opportunity to take Ryan's prize drawing from the refrigerator door and write his own name at the top of the drawing. He also took Ryan's favorite Star Wars coloring book and wrote his own name on the inside cover page before he gathered up his laundry and leftover supper to leave for home.

Poor Ryan. Luke is so exasperating.

So Ryan got out of the bathtub and into his pajamas and came into the living room asking where Mr. Luke was. I told him Mr. Luke had to leave to go home. Ryan said he didn't get to tell Mr. Luke good bye before he left.

"Well, come here just a minute and let me show you what that Mr. Luke did while you were in the bathtub!", I said. Ryan came into the kitchen and stood at the refrigerator looking at the drawing.

"Do you know what that says?", Kate asked.

Ryan replied, "Yes. A clean house is a . .".

"No, no, not the magnet. Look!", pointing where Luke had written.

"Mr.Luke's drawing.", he read. "That is wrong."

"It sure is, but I think we can get some scissors and cut his name off of there.", I suggested.

"And you can take a picture of me cutting it off and send it to Mr. Luke.", he said.

"It looks like Mr. Luke also wrote his name here in your Star Wars coloring book, too!", I told him.

"That's OK. I can just scratch that out, too!" Ryan said.

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