Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You're Not Old Until You Lose Your Nuts

Luke and Martin showed up this afternoon around 5:30 and Minor drove up at the same time. I was still fixing the Green Bean Shit that Luke had requested for his birthday meal and Kate fixed the Mississippi Mud Cake he wanted for dessert. John and Brad showed up around 6:00 and we all gathered in the living room for Luke to open his presents.

Ryan was so excited because he was giving Luke a "My Little Pony" as a joke and also an expanding girlfriend that grows when you put her in water. Even Ryan knows Luke is biased towards the tall chicks.

See, Luke plays around with Ryan and makes him think he is going to buy him a "My Little Pony" and Ryan is constantly trying to convince Luke that "My Little Pony" is for girls only and he doesn't want a "My Little Pony" because he is a boy. So Ryan was tickled to play a joke on Mr. Luke for a change. Mr. Luke confided in me that every time he comes over, he is going to bring the "My Little Pony" with him and is determined that he will have Ryan believing that boys play with "My Little Ponies".

Since Luke HATES thongs, Kate couldn't resist giving him a sexy pink and black dotted thong. I'm sure he would like to wear it, but I think it may be too small.

As Psuedo Mom, I've been getting really tired of Luke wearing wrinkled shirts and looking like a ragamuffin in casual clothes. So Minor and I decided to order him some Polo shirts in his size.

Luke in Blue

Luke in yellow

Luke in black

I won't tell you what size they are, but let's just say it was BIG! He held one shirt in front of Ryan and it looked like a full length nightgown. When Ryan spread his little arms out, his hands barely came to the sleeves on each side.

Luke and Ryan in green

Luke's a BIG boy. I'm glad I'm his Psuedo Mom and not his Birth Mom. That had to be a labor of love.

The other day, Luke decided to call John's tire and auto shop, and the owner answered the phone, "St. Simons Tire and Auto, this is Jimmy. How may I help you?"

Luke responded, "Someone told me that if I called this number and asked for John, that I could get my rear end lubed."

Jimmy answered, "This is an automotive center."

"Well, is there even anyone named John there?", Luke asked, then cracked up laughing.

So then Jimmy had some fun at John's expense. He told John, "There's some guy on the phone who wants you to lube his rear end."

John looked up and answered, "Oh, I know who that is. It's Luke."

So Luke got a can of industrial strength lube from John for his birthday.

Luke also received lots of birthday cards that were so funny and cute and touching as well. It's good to remember that you're not old unless you can't remember where your nuts are. And I'm guessing Luke has not misplaced his nuts yet.

More birthday pics below.

Luke, making a wish and blowing out all 34 candles.

Turn off the smoke alarm!

Ryan, Minor, Martin (LLGF does not mean Life Long Gay Fellow), and Brad

Kate, Ryan, and John

Celebrating our successful business ventures with cigars.
Luke said, "Just puff on it, Miss Carla."

And I didn't even vomit!

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