Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just So Ya Know

I cannot figure this thing out. What does it mean when your tummy has butterflies and your body feels hot all of a sudden and then a slight wave of nausea hits. Is that a hot flash? Is that my hormones raging? I've already done the Menopause thing. Does that mean I'm stressed? Am I just wanting sex? I may kill Minor before I figure this thing out! Help! I must be dying! It's sort of like being nervous or anticipating a very important event, except there is nothing specifically that I can attribute it to. I DO have a lot going on in my life, and maybe my body is trying to tell me something. WHAT? WHAT?

I visited my parents in the nursing home this past weekend and after I left, I just wanted to go home and crawl under the covers so I could cry all by myself. Mama is doing very well and I hope she will be well enough to go home to her apartment soon, but Daddy is completely bed ridden and will never go home. I'm sad about that. He knew I was there at one point, but he is so pitiful, he cannot even voice his feelings. I looked into his eyes, and I couldn't see him in there anymore. So, yes, that is weighing heavily on my heart. *sigh*

We've also been working steadily on the photography side of our partnership with Luke and that has been both rewarding and a learning experience for all of us. It's all good, though, so I expect that stress to let up soon. With the upcoming show this weekend in Darien, the work is cut out for me from now until Saturday. I wonder how many hours I can stay awake in order to get it all done?

Ryan had an awesome Halloween Birthday party last Friday night and all the work put into it was well worth the good time that he had. It was all chaotic, but oodles of fun for the kiddos! Luke took lots of great pictures of the children and they should be ready soon. One good thing that happened at the party was that I sold $100 worth of Santa's to one of the parents. Yippee!

My MIL came to visit last Thursday and left yesterday (Monday). That was stressful as well, although she means well and truly tried to help all she could while she was here. She is soooo wrapped up in the election coverage on TV and that was all she could talk about. I don't know about you, but I'm damn sick of Obama/McCain news coverage. Let's all just go vote and get it over with.

And then there's my real estate licensing course that I'm taking. Obviously, I haven't had time to do the studying that is required and it looks like I will be asking for an extension. *sigh*

And last, but not least, Luke will be bringing a new girlfriend here to meet us on Friday to eat supper so I'm a little excited about meeting her as well. That's the day before our show in Darien and I've already made sure he understands that I need his help getting everything done and ready to set up at 7AM on Saturday morning. He better not leave me matting and framing his prints while he and his sweetie are laughing and cuddling on my couch. Just so ya know, my "ass kicking" consist of much stronger tactics than a swift kick on someone's behind.

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