Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feathers, Scales, and Furry Tails

Tonight was PTA at Ryan's school and the 2nd and 3rd grade classes performed a musical for the parents and teachers called Feathers, Scales, and Furry Tails by Donna Amorosia.

Ryan and Kate before the performance

We got there early and Ryan joined his classmates and teacher in their classroom before they all came into the auditorium for the musical performance.

Walking into the auditorium

Before the musical began, a program was presented by the students about their progress and adventures in tracking several Loggerhead Sea Turtles, a Wood Stork, a Penguin, a Seal, and a Right Whale. The animals were fitted with radio transmitters and were tracked by a satellite.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle with tracking device

The kids at St. Simons Elementary are very lucky to have the Atlantic Ocean across from their school and the opportunity to learn about ocean life and tracking these aquatic animals from the staff at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. It was quite interesting and I am so glad to know they are teaching our children this valuable information at such an early age.

Ryan on stage

As Ryan took his place on stage, he looked out into the audience to find his mama, me, and grandpa. When he spotted us, he waved as though no one else was in the auditorium except the 4 of us.

Ryan waving at his Mama

Ryan had a speaking part, although we were unaware of it until he stepped up to the microphone and said, "They have a reputation of being the advisor; And maybe from their point of view they really are much wiser!"

Ryan speaking into the microphone

I think they were talking about Owls, but I'm not exactly sure. What I DO know is that he said it loud and clear so everyone could hear him. I was so proud, I started clapping when he finished speaking, even though no one else was clapping. Kate gave me the evil eye, but it's OK, because I'm the Grandmother and I can do that sort of thing. I can even smile and look around while I'm doing it!

I took lots of pictures while we were there and even a couple of videos that I promise I won't bore you with. After it was all over, Ryan found us in the audience and beamed from ear to ear as he approached us with big hugs.

Ryan happy it's over and proud of himself

The teachers and students at St. Simons Elementary were awesome tonight. Great job by everyone!

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  1. Just as cute the second time around. YAY RYAN!!