Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girl Fight

Ahh . . . Friday night!  Yessir, I've always been a fan of Friday nights!

Years ago, when the kids were in elementary school, we always did something special every Friday night. After Minor and I got home from work, we would change clothes and get the kids cleaned up for a trip into Macon. We had a few favorite places to eat back then that was in our budget and not too expensive for a family of four and had a nice clean atmosphere. Most times, it was Shoney’s.

Shoney’s quickly became the favorite Friday night supper for us and we all looked forward to it. The kids always knew what they wanted to eat and they ate very well without any leftovers. The one request they always had was to never let the servers know if it was their birthday. They had seen and heard the loud obnoxious birthday song that was sung for the other birthday recipients and it seemed like harsh and unusual treatment to them. They wanted no part of that. . . ever! So it was, that we all agreed to never ever let any restaurant know it was any of our birthdays. Works for us, anyway. The mutilated birthday song is not worth the free chocolate fudge cake.

So it was just another Friday night after work and we had all arrived home from our respective daily responsibilities and once again we trekked into Macon to eat supper at Shoney’s. We were seated at the first booth for four on the left closest to the entrance to the restaurant. Good window seat, good food, good server. As a matter of fact, the window seat served to be the best in the house on this particular Friday night.

Kate and Minor on one side of the booth and John and myself on the other. Minor and I both are seated on the outside across from each other. Our server brought our food timely and we all chowed down and enjoyed a little family conversation with dinner.

In walks this girl and she asks the hostess if this particular friend of hers is there at work tonight. The hostess tells her yes, and she would get her for her. It just so happens that the friend this girl is looking for was also our server. So our server walks out from the kitchen and they both begin to have harsh words. I can tell you I was not prepared for what was about to take place right there in the middle of Shoney’s, about 6 feet from our table!

The girl snatches the server by the hair and slaps her in the face and head. They both begin writhing on the floor slapping, kicking, and hair pulling! (You know how girls fight.)

I looked at Minor and he looked at me. "WTH? Should we get somebody?", I asked him. "No. Just keep eating.", he answered.

Kate and John never knew. Hmmmm. We’re pretty good like that. You know, not letting on to the kids that anything is out of the ordinary. Tee Hee!

Anyway, the restaurant manager intervened before there was any blood or knives drawn. No gunfire or anything. Just a good old fashioned girl fight.

Since our server didn’t come back to give us our ticket, we’re guessing she was fired.


  1. Did you get the meal free??

  2. That sounds quite an ordeal! I'm sure you won't forget it in a hurry!